Spelling Bee 2017!

Mallorca Spelling Bee 2017

We have organized a multi-school Spelling Bee for schools with Language Assistants in Mallorca. Tentatively, the Spelling Bee Championship will be:

Saturday June 3rd, 2017 (time to be announced) at Aina Moll Gym

After class rounds and year final round, our school winners that will participate in the Spelling Bee Championship representing Aina Moll are:

Year 5 Finalists:

  • Miriam & Eric


Year 6 Finalists:

  • Noelia & Julia P.

Other schools participating are:

  • CEIP Colonia San Jordi
  • Señora de Nuestra Consolación
  • CEIP Es Vivero
  • CEIP Es Molinar


Student Information:

Classes from Years 5 and 6 will participate in an English spelling competition. Winners from each grade will compete for the championship with other schools on the island! 

What is it?

  • A Spelling Bee is a spelling contest where students spell words aloud and are eliminated if they spell a word incorrectly.
  • Important: You will receive your word lists in class, but you should review and learn vocabulary list and look at the copies given in class and translate to Catalan.
  • Students must be able to spell all words and know their definition.

Here is a video of what a Spelling Bee is:


2 thoughts on “Spelling Bee 2017!

  1. joanaenglish says:

    Hello Maria, In activity 1 the students had to complete using the vocabulary in the box provided, in section 2 it says “try” to complete using the information given and section 3 says to write about the animals. The children were suppose to try their best and then we checked for errors in the classroom as a listening activity.
    Hope this answers your concern, Joana


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